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Who is Stevie's Famous?

Even before he and his family moved to Burien in 2021,  Shane Abbott, co-owner of Seattle's pizzeria Lupo knew he wanted to open Stevie's Famous in Burien. Shane and partner Justin Harcus spent much time juggling their Fremont spot while building out Stevie's Famous on their own.  The new casual pizza and sandwich shop is set to open October 2022. Shane and Justin worked closely with Shane's wife, Amanda Okonek, of Happy Vesta tackled the design effort, working with Shane and Justin, adding fun touches throughout to create the playful vibes.

The quality of ingredients at Stevie's speak for themselves. Stevie's is not just a pizza and sandwich restaurant… Our breads are our vibe that enable us to fill our menu with thoughtfully and ethically sourced goods, and we are proud to do so.

Shane and Justin are committed to community involvement at the sibling restaurant Lupo, and that is no different at Stevie's Famous. As Stevie's grows, the hope is to offer the same support in Burien

We try not to take ourselves to seriously. We do that enough with the quality of the food. We like to listen to good tunes and share a casual and homey vibe. Come in, have a good time, come again!


Any questions, please email us:

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